Testimonials from some of my past pupils

Ciaran Vaughan Ciaran Vaughan
Passed 1st time
Once again - thanks for everything Mac. Really appreciate it and would never have had a chance if it wasn’t for your patience and breakdown of manoeuvres. Brilliant instructor and will definitely be recommending you to any relatives or friends in the future. Great feedback from a great pupil. Ciaran was able to work on his driving using the LD system from day one and found with ease the books, online videos and also the patience to work out how to achieve the end results. A great result today with a first time pass, with a few driving faults. Take care on the roads and good luck with University and all that life has to offer. Bravo Zulu

Cameron Wilson Cameron Wilson
Passed 1st time
Excellent !! Great instructor , helped me pass my test 1st time . Started on the Monday and 5days later on the Friday I had passed my test. Highly recommend him to anyone looking to pass their test 1st time and quickly . πŸ‘Cameron was a great pupil to teach who came to me with lots of previous for driving experience. We were able to consolidate his previous training into a targeted work area over a concentrated period of 17 hours. Great feedback from the examiner on his great drive. Good luck for the future and safe driving. Bravo Zulu

Inga Dadzite Inga Dadzite
Finally passed Hooray
I would like to say huge thanks to my instructor Mac who is the best instructor what I have, he gives you confidence, knowledge and all support to pass the test. I recommend Mac to everyone he is super best. It was so nice to teach Inga and see her pass with 2 minor faults. Having the client centred learning approach gave me the knowledge to underpin Inga's already excellent driving skills into a way in which she was able to see herself passing, having failed with three other instructors. A fantastic pupil and it all came down to her special driving shoes. Take care on the roads and Bravo Zulu.

Malcolm Beaton Malcolm Beaton
Finally passed
Mac made me comfortable to come into the car and didn't judge ever when I wasn't driving to the best I could. Mac always helped me and talked me through everything and made sure I was safe and made sure I knew if I done something wrong I was able to rectify the fault in order for me to learn from it. The client centre learning technique allowed me to learn from the mistakes. The way in which Mac teaches allows the driving to be fun in a way which helped me a lot! Thank you again for getting me to pass and would recommend Mac to everyone!! A great review from Malcolm and and even better result this afternoon in Arbroath. It was the second test for Malcolm who was able to review his previous test faults, learning and preventing them from reoccurring. A great pupil to teach. Many congratulations and be safe on the roads when you finally get your new car. Bravo Zulu.

Sam McCormack Sam McCormack
Passed 1st time
I would highly recommend Mac to anyone looking for a driving instructor, very friendly and supportive it was a great experience driving with him. An excellent first time pass by Sam, who passed in Dundee this morning. It's so great to teach someone who has the desire and passion to pass and shows great determination to pass. Really proud of Sam and look forward to seeing him on the road. Drive safe and Bravo Zulu.

Ally Ogilvie Ally Ogilvie
Passed 1st time
Just want to say a huge thank you to Mac, I really couldn't have done it without you! Thank you for being so patient and understanding, it really did make a huge difference. I can highly recommend Mac to any learner driver, I was incredibly nervous but with Mac's encouragement and professionalism he gave me confidence and put me at ease - driving made easy! Thanks Mac. Wow an amazing drive and great first time pass by Ally in Arbroath. Not only conquered her nerves but overcome her beliefs she could not do this. A great day for all involved, and enjoy the freedom on the roads. Bravo Zulu

Scott Wood Scott Wood
Finally overcame nerves
I have to thanks Mac so you very much i really didn't think I was gonna get through this today but with his help I nailed it, even when i didn't think i could do it you put me at ease thanks again buddy! This is a great result for Scott a great pupil to teach and it's an absolute pleasure to see Scott pass with a few minors. Remember to take care on those country roads and enjoy your works vehicle when it finally arrives. Bravo Zulu

Kerr TalyorKerr Talyor
Passed 1st time zero faults
Mac was a great teacher was always very patient with me and was always positive while I was in the car he took his time and made sure I knew what I was doing all of the time I passed first time with no faults and I would highly recommend learning with Mac if you want to enjoy learning to drive. Wow what a great perfect drive from Kerr thus morning in Arbroath. A faultless drive from a great confident driver. Be safe on the roads and enjoy your freedom. Bravo Zulu

Olivia Russer Olivia Russer
Passed 1st time
Mac is a fantastic teacher, he’s always happy, and he makes sure you’re calm and doesn’t make you do anything you don’t feel confident with! He has the patience of a saint. Would definitely recommend him! Another great first-time pass. Olivia was perfect pupil who used the LD system to its full potential working on her key skills and her confidence. In using the client centered approach, it allowed me to give Olivia the confidence to pass in Arbroath. To quote the examiner it was an almost faultless drive resulting in 1 minor fault. Bravo Zulu and safe driving on the roads.

Isla Simpson Isla Simpson
Finally passed
Mac is a great driving instructor, he was very patient and could tell when I was getting frustrated and how to improve the things things I really struggled with like roundabouts. He helped me with my theory test as well and explained things in a way that was easy to understand. I would definitely recommend mac as an instructor to anyone Thanks for helping me finally pass my test! Wow, it's been a complete pleasure to watch Isla grow with confidence and also experience. Its been an absolute pleasure to teach someone who is so responsive to key skills needed to pass driving test. A great drive in horrible weather conditions, it makes me proud to be her instructor and watching her pass. Safe driving when you get your new car and take care on the roads. Bravo Zulu

Connor Standbridge Connor Standbridge
Passed 1st time
Connor was agreed pupil to teach. He was able to work on previous experience with another instructor to complete his semi-intensive course. This course allowed the LD system and client centered learning to used which enables Connor to pass first time with 3 minor faults. A great drive and a pleasure to teach. Safe driving and enjoy your freedom. Bravo Zulu

Andrew SimpsonAndrew Simpson
Passed 1st time
"Can't believe i passed first time! Huge thanks to Mac for the help to get me passed my test, he has been amazing from my first lesson all the way through to my test. Will definitely be recommending him to anyone looking for a instructor."

An absolute pleasure to see Andrew pass today. From his first lesson he was able to slowly work through the LD system and concentrate on the client centred learning. A great drive with only 3 minor faults and a first time pass. Take care on the roads and be safe. Bravo Zulu

Sophie Linsdey Sophie Linsdey
Finally overcame her nerves
Sophie had a great drive having come back to driving after a previous failure with another instructor. It was such a pleasure to watch someone gain the confidence and enhance her driving skills to go for another test and pass with only a few minors. A huge congratulations to Sophie and safe driving on the roads. Bravo Zulu

Lynsey Milne Lynsey Milne
Finally passed
Mac is the best instructor in Arbroath he's so easy going, helpful and has loads of patience I couldn't have passed my test without his help. It's so amazing go finally see Lynsey pass her test today. A lot of hard work has gone into the preparation for today and Lynsey was able to pass with a few minor faults. A great drive and a pleasure to teach. Take care on the roads. Bravo Zulu

Vikki RussellVikki Russell
Passed 1st time
Would like to thank Mac for all the lesson and faith and patience he had in me to pass my test today, could not have done it with out his help, I would recommend Mac to everyone who is thinking about taking driving lessons . Wow another great drive by a fantastic pupil. VIKKI came to learn full of worry and stress and has shown that with hard work and determination you can achieve great things. Fully deserving of a first time pass today with only a few minor faults. Take care on the roads. Bravo Zulu

Louise Simpson Louise Simpson
Finally passed Hooray
I came to Mac having failed my test 3 times. He is the best instructor I have ever had. He gives you the confidence and skills you need to pass with the added bonus of making you feel at ease. I recommend him to anyone whether they are just starting out or wether they had a rough start like myself. It's been a complete pleasure to see Louise and watch her grow in confidence and overcome all her bad habits she thought she had, and enhance her driving skills to ensure we always remained focused on her positives. I gave Louise my full support when she was feeling down and reinforce her confidence. It was such a pleasure to see Louise pass this afternoon with only 4 minor faults. A wonderful pupil to teach and makes my job so worth while. Well done again and safe driving on the roads. Bravo Zulu.

Cameron Swinton Cameron Swinton
Passed 1st time
Macs genuinely good at his job and will do what he needs to do to get you passed. Due to work I could only condense my lessons to my holidays, but because of macs approach on driving it was a painless easy pass for me genuinely just through the way mac taught! 5* wow an amazing first time pass for Cameron today, an amazing drive with a great pupil. Bravo Zulu

Hannah Wood Hannah Wood
Finally passed today hooray
Good instructor, very patient and cares about helping his pupils to pass! Lessons seemed never ending until I went with mac. He believed in me and made me believe in myself, so glad that I was his pupil!! If you want to pass...pass with mac. what an absolute pleasure to teach Hannah who was able to pass today with only a few minors. Take care on the roads it's been a pleasure. Bravo Zulu

Dale VannettDale Vannett
Passed 1st time
A huge congratulations to Dale who was able to pass this afternoon in Forfar. A great little driver who was able to work on his previous driving knowledge and pass first time with 2 minor faults. It's been a pleasure to teach you. Bravo Zulu

Klaudia ZoblockaKlaudia Zoblocka
Passed 1st time
Happy to pass my test before my target date thanx to a great instructor who was very friendly and helpful. The apps from LDC and the LD system is great as it helped me a lot with theory prep and the hazard perception and the videos also helped before and after each topic area. Glad to be able to get on the road soon and would recommend Mac to anyone as he's very understanding and patient. An amazing drive by Klaudia only having 1 minor fault. It was amazing to see the commitment shown in using the online videos, apps and instructor hub, which allowed me to focus on progress and key learning stages throughout the lessons. A huge congratulations and take care on the roads. Bravo Zulu.

Caitlin RossCaitlin Ross
3rd time lucky
Caitlin came to me following unsuccessful previous tests with another instructor. Together we were able to work on her nerves and concentration whilst driving which resulted In a really positive drive in Arbroath, enough to pass her test with only a few minor faults. It's been a great pleasure to teach Caitlin. Safe driving on the roads and take care. Bravo Zulu.

Michael BurryMichael Burry
Finally overcame nerves
Mac was great instructor and supporter of me getting through my driving test his technics of learning you how to drive are immense can't thank him enough for his patient with me and I would recommend any new pupils. Michael was a great pupil who finally overcame his nerves following his first test. A great driver with the patience to move forward with his driving. Well done tske care on tje roads. Bravo Zulu.

Brandon ReidBrandon Reid
Finally passed Hooray
Would love to say a massive thank you to you! Great guy, great Instructer and I highly recommend you to anyone who is looking to drive. Felt so confident after lessons and you know exactly when I was ready, freedom is mine πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„ Well done to Brandon for being a fantastic pupil who was able to easily correct faults and overcome his nerves. Take care on the roads and be safe. Bravo Zulu.

Carrie Smith Carrie Smith
Passed 1st time
Mac is a calm and friendly person who helped turn my weaknesses into Strengths. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for an instructor. It's been a complete pleasure to teach Carrie who was able to pass with only 1 minor. A pleasure to teach and congratulations for your hard work getting this far. Take care on the roads and enjoy your new car. Bravo Zulu .

Steven WardSteven Ward
Finally passed
Great instructor, after some time with another instructor and some failed test attempts I started lessons with Michael. His approach was perfect in helping me to iron out the issues I was having before and his calm, friendly demeanor ensured the lessons were enjoyable. Feedback was always constructive with focus on the positives, helping me build my confidence on the road and pass at the first attempt under his tuition. Highly recommended!" Steven was a great student who to me having failed previously before. I was able to identify the weaknesses of previous tests and enhance Steven's core driving skills, in order to prepare and give him the confidence in passing today. Great drive and brilliant result. Bravo Zulu

Courtney Ford Courtney Ford
Finally passed today hooray
"Mac is an incredible driving instructor with some great teaching qualities. He has made me feel at ease throughout my whole learning process and was very good at focusing on my weaknesses and turning them into strengths. Mac has always remained calm and patient with me and has really boosted my confidence along with calming all my nerves before my test, wouldn't recommend anyone else" . It was an absolute pleasure to teach Courntey and getting her finally passed today. What was really amazing was to see the change of attitude towards driving and changing those weaknesses into positive strengths resulting in a pass with only a few minors. Great driving and safe journey moving forward. Bravo Zulu

Reece MurrayReece Murray
Finally passed Hooray
I was very happy with Mac, every lesson was amazing and I learned so much he's very reliable and always gets back to you as soon as he can would rate him 10/10 highly recommend him to anyone looking for a instructor. Well done to Reece for finally overcoming his fears of the driving test and manouveres. A great drive and well deserved pass. Bravo Zulu

Callum Williams Callum Williams
Passed 1st time
Macs a very laid back driving instructor that works at a pace that's right for you, managed to pass my test first time thanks to him. Well done to Callum who was a great pupil, who was able to achieve his ultimate goal of a first time pass, great driver and first time pass using the LD system. Take care on the roads and safe driving. Bravo Zulu

Scott Ritchie Scott Ritchie
Passed 1st time
I really enjoyed my time in the car with Mac, who was calm and good at working on my strengths and weeknesses. It was a great learning experience and it was always a a relaxing experience. Scott was a brilliant pupil who was able to put his previous driving skills into his quest to pass his test. A great drive and passing first time with just 2 minor faults. Well done for the future and safe driving. Bravo zulu

Kristaps ZitansKristaps Zitans
Passed 1st time
Mac was a great instructor, easy to learn with you, thanks to you, I passed the driving test with the first time, you are the best, thank you.

Kristaps was an absolute pleasure to teach, not only did we over come his complete lack of knowledge of UK roads, we were able to work together to achieve a first time pass using the LD system. Well done and good luck on the roads, take care.

Ewan Cameron
Passed 1st time
Driving with Mac was brilliant and an amazing instructor. I passed first time with no driving faults. Mac has a relaxed, calm and laid back approach which made me feel very comfortable. I would highly recommend LD system and Mac to anyone who wants a kind and easily approachable instructor.

Vikki ParkVikki Park
Finally overcame her nerves
Mac is a fantastic instructor who helped ease my nerves and gave me the confidence to take my test. Brilliant and highly recommended! Thanks again! It was a pleasure to help Vikki achieve her licence. We had a great time expanding on her previous driving experience and working through her worries about roundabouts and made her realise she needed to breathe whilst driving, relax ,and go with her gut instinct when looking at road positions and signaling . Well done Vikki and be safe on the roads. Bravo Zulu .

Jordan Crabb Jordan Crabb
Passed 1st time
Mac was a great instructor who helped me deal with all my worries about learning, in a calm and friendly manner.

Scott WatsonScott Watson
Finally passed Hooray!!!
Only gone and passed my driving test, just wanted to take the time to say thank you to Mac for being so patient and understanding and encouraged me right from the 1st lesson. A nice and genuine instructor who kept me motivated and relaxed, when I was getting stressed out, and that was often. I would highly recommenced Mac to anyone who is looking to drive , "HE'S THE MAN". Thanks you Mac and see you on the road..... Scott was a great pupil to teach, who initially feared driving again after taking 6 months off, and the uphill struggle seemed out of reach on several occasions to get ready for test day. Its such a pleasure to watch a pupil grow each lesson and putting all the techniques into practice when it counts on test day. Good luck for the future Scott and safe driving.

Anders SwansonAnders Swanson
Passed 1st Time
Fantastic time learning with Mac and using the LD driving system, a great guy and great tuition, thanks for the help with the pass. Anders made teaching a complete pleasure and it was great to have him pass 1st time using the LD system.